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ORGANIZER AllRightsReserved

Founded in 2003, AllRightsReserved (ARR) is a creative brand consistently reaching out to wherever creativity occurs. Being a vanguard of the art and creative scene, ARR pushes the boundaries of art and challenges the confines of the medium.

World-renowned artist KAWS has been an important partner of ARR for over a decade. Shortly after the inception of the joint forces in 2010, the duo quickly generated tremendous excitement & earned worldwide acclaim owing to beyond creativity & expectation. The ongoing world tour of KAWS:HOLIDAY has also been touring through Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bristol, Singapore, Changbai Mountain, Melbourne, and even Outer Space.

Over the years, ARR has embellished public landscapes by curating various projects ranging from art installations, art projects, and exhibitions to partnering with a mélange of leading collaborators and artists from diverse backgrounds - From the cities’ most recognisable exhibition with Yayoi Kusama “DOTS OBSESSION - SOUL OF PUMPKIN” in 2007, to four permanent colossal outdoor installations in China; From global art exhibitions with contemporary artists Yusuke Hanai, Joan Cornellà in Shanghai and Japan to Yu Nagaba and Verdy in Hong Kong; From large-scale immersive art projects of “Rubber Duck Project - HK Tour”, “1600+ Pandas World Tour” to “Light Rose Garden HK”. From luxury automobile maker Rolls Royce to international IP, Netflix, Doraemon & Snoopy. ARR continues to articulate artists’ stories in a never-ending continuum of creativity.

ARR offers a forward hybrid e-commerce and tangible marketplace experience to its consumers, DDT Store, positioning the creative brand as the pre-eminent contemporary art destination. DDT Store offers extraordinary pieces of pristine quality, from edition work in prints & sculpture forms to unique art pieces with meticulous detailing. It presents the results of meticulously studied collaborations, bringing to every art lover's home a slice of the energy and vibrancy fuelling creative lifestyles everywhere.

ARR constantly explores the definition of art and remains committed to fostering the work. In honor of ARR's 20th Anniversary, “Beyond Creatorhood”, a range of exclusive collaborations partnering up with long-time artists and friends will be rolled out, marking the 20-year journey of creation.

ARTIST Florentijn Hofman

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (1977) aims to challenge the audience’s comfortableness by recasting the simply perspective on quotidian objects. The familiarity and positivity from the artwork allows the public to explore art in an affable way. Subsequently he crafts these into clear and iconic images; oddly oversize “toy” that alienate and unsettle through their sheer size and use of materials, such as Rubber Duck (2007): an inflatable giant-sized representation of a rubber duck bath-toy that has been seen in harbors across the world, from France to Brazil, New Zealand to Hong Kong, and from Pittsburgh to even Santiago in Chili. They are immediately identifiable and have an instant appeal.

The attention Hofman gives to his surroundings allows him to examine the possibility of material and explore the essence and the beauty of form and shape. He expands his imagination by merging the local culture into his artwork and evokes the missing interaction.

Social engagement and intercommunication are the key elements on Hofman’s creation. Hofman generates an encounter for the audience to his universal aesthetic by sharing his drive for sculpture in public space. The joy he created allow audiences to abandon the idea of races and religions and enter the conversation with the artworks. By enlarging the creation Hofman aims to reflect the equability and insignificant of oneself.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is known for playful, larger-than-life installations. His works include the giant Rubber Duck, large bunny sculptures, and other awe-inspiring pieces. These works of art have been exhibited in more than 20 global destinations and become one of the world’s most recognisable urban art to date. In 2013, Hofman’s Rubber Duck was exhibited in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour in collaboration with All Rights Reserved. Today as we’ve reached a 10 year milestone of Rubber Ducks’ visit. Rubber Duck is once again greeting the Hong Kong audience at Victoria Harbour alongside another Rubber Duck.

Hofman attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen, The Netherlands in 2000; then followed his MFA from the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin, Germany.



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